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Its hast been kinda long since i posted some thing new but this my come back post so we will be talking bout series if u are a big fan of series like i am even if u are not , there are some people that are just so interested and fascinated with good stuff (movies ) the eye just looks for good movies i happen to fall in this category normal movies and series any thing Good i love that. we will be seeing movies u r not watching but oat to be watching and following ..
Before anything u guy shouldn't forget Sunday is the great OSCARS  award the dream of all movie stars for the best performance am rooting for  the great "LEONARDO DICAPRIO"  (the revenant)y is the real deal i mean ave u watched the great Gatsby the revenant that movie is dope
this guys in this category are hot they all deserve it but who was better i guess we will find out on Sunday i k now E! tv is showing that for sure .


The flash
this show is on fire Barry is on fire in this seaso…

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