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Its hast been kinda long since i posted some thing new but this my come back post so we will be talking bout series if u are a big fan of series like i am even if u are not , there are some people that are just so interested and fascinated with good stuff (movies ) the eye just looks for good movies i happen to fall in this category normal movies and series any thing Good i love that. we will be seeing movies u r not watching but oat to be watching and following ..
Before anything u guy shouldn't forget Sunday is the great OSCARS  award the dream of all movie stars for the best performance am rooting for  the great "LEONARDO DICAPRIO"  (the revenant)y is the real deal i mean ave u watched the great Gatsby the revenant that movie is dope
this guys in this category are hot they all deserve it but who was better i guess we will find out on Sunday i k now E! tv is showing that for sure .


The flash
this show is on fire Barry is on fire in this season 2 , and the supper villeins are increasing by the second wow ! if u  avent started watching this movie i suggest u do , though its a science fiction movie its awesome and feels real to me . u oat to check it out guys u dont wanna be told the story by someone else.
   u definitely need to watch this .

this movie is dope what exactly are you looking for in a movie? is it the action ? is it the romance its it the cute ? the scary the good moments or the bad moments ,it t the dresses ( the ladies its all here)felicity(Emily Bett )that girl is the cutest isn't  she? and the main dude Oliver Queen(Stephen Amell ) this guy has seen hell and back i feel like his story on that island will never finish thanks to the writer for that ,   its all here in arrows i mean this show is something else i love this show like hell i do who wouldn't just take ur time and take a peak and trust me you wont regret it a show worth following ......

The Blacklist
Raymond Relinton (James Spadder) this guy is a boss on so many levels that u can think of  James's character is the best i mean he is the master planner of err thing  okay let say u are no 1 on FBI most wanted list  would u do  bet u will go hide in some cave somewhere but this guy planned err step of his and walked right through the front door of the FBI office how awesome is that u need watch this show i  Raymond has a distinct personality  though he is a criminal he is a damn good one this character got me thinking of this saying (" what ever is worth doing is worth doing well) this guy is fucking rich but the disturbing thing is whats up with him and Elizabeth i mean who is she to him what there relationship  if u haven't watched it u wont know that am talking about that my i recommend u watch it .

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by  on AUGUST 1, 2014
Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy, a review
Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn, clocks in just over 2 hours and stars Chris PrattZoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, (voice of) Vin Diesel, (voice of) Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, Benicio Del Toro and bunches more in what I’m about to call this generation’s equivalent to the Star Wars franchise. A fun equivalent because the chemistry and action had that feeling.
Rather than move forward extending the stories of the known Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to date, they’ve decided to introduce us to a new set of characters. Characters that when I first heard about, I didn’t think I’d care or like.
Happily, I have committed to supporting most of Marvel’s movies and was planning on seeing the film. And as time went on and I started hearing good things about it, I stood by my decision to see it.
Good call.
The film starts out in the mid-80’s on Earth, when we watch the very young Peter Quill go through a very tough emotional moment and right afterwards, finding himself, of all things, abducted by aliens.
We then jump to the present and watch Quill (Pratt) searching for something that he’s been contracted to find, and as soon as he does, other folks sent by Ronan (Lee Pace) show up looking to take the item from him.
Quill is more or less just a man with a few gadgets and a wily sense of survival, as he gets out from under that situation, and lands on Nova Prime to turn over the object he had been hired to snatch.
But when he tells his contractor who he alluded back at the planet, he wants nothing to do with Quill, and kicks him out.
Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy
Enter the sexy but deadly Gamora (Saldana), who is there to take the object from Quill, in addition to Rocket (Cooper) and Groot (Diesel).
It’s an all out scuffle that’s pure fun to watch and we learn quite a bit about everyone just before and during this scuffle, which eventually lands everyone… (edited out for spoiler reasons).
And the tale of “Starlord” and his “pelvic sorcery” goes from there. (That will make sense when you see the movie later.)
This is a tale of bad or questionable people who are for all intent purposes, are good at heart, but just don’t want to admit it. As our band of questionable characters find themselves placed in situation after situation, forcing their hands upon a destined path of being the good guys, the evolution of the characters does not seem forced. And they have to save the galaxy, since Quill lives in it.
Many folks are calling this movie summer fun, but the story hits on many levels, from loss to revenge to dealing with our losses, and rebounding back and finding there’s more to this friends and family thing that meets the eye.
Along the path of this story we meet the fifth member of this team, Drax the Destroyer (Bautista), then later Yondu Udonta (Michael Rooker), The Collector (del Toro), Thanos (This is our first real look at Josh Brolin playing the big, evil purple guy. And I must say, it’s a well played casting.), and a slew of other good, bad and indifferent characters.
We get a pretty good (or better) look at more things that The Collector seems to have under his belt, and to be honest, you’re going to be in for quite the surprise.
I predict Groot is going to become another secret success story like Hulk. And I was surprised to see a gun-toting raccoon actually not annoy  me, but make a few pretty powerful moments in the film.
It’s a wisecracking story peppered with serious moments of action and it was all put together pretty well to deliver one of the funnest two hours I’ve ever had in a theater. I can’t say it’s the best Marvel movie ever, as some of the advertising soundbites suggest, considering I loved The Avengers and Iron Man, but it did not fail in entertaining me.
On the action scale of reviews, I’d suggest that if the previous Marvel movies entertained you, you’ll do just fine here as they introduce these new Guardians, along with Nova Prime (Close) and that culture (which I hope leads to our human rocket in some later film) and I’m sure, others that I’ve missed.
It is completely worth seeing. It’s light hearted, fun with just enough serious to make it worthy and I award it a popcorn-9!
– – –
The Wolverine warns about spoilers
What’s to spoil from GotG? Not much so these are pretty light, but I wanted to say something.
The venerable Stan Lee shows up pretty early in the film.
Gamora is the “daughter” of Thanos, as well as is her “sister,” Nebula (Gillan). Both of whom are at odds with their status as “daughters,” as it seems more like kidnapped.
That 70’s music we’ve always heard in the marketing is in the film. It comes from a Walkman that his mother gave him before she dies, and it’s his treasure, his memory of her. (Wow, those batteries last a long time!)
Yondu Udonta (Rooker) was the one who kidnapped the young Quill, on orders of Quills father, (That will make sense later) and you have to, HAVE TO stick around for the end-credits scene.
There’s a list of names in the credits that make no sense. The names seem to be taken from the characters in the film, but I’m not sure… I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Dang it!
For another, I got a kick out of the disclaimer that no raccoon-like or tree-like creatures were harmed in the filming of this movie.
The light-hearted humor continued, even in the credits.
But the magical moment for some,
Is when we see The Collector sitting on the floor with a dog licking his face, and he’s told by Howard the Duck that he finds that disgusting. Yes, Howard the Duck. Hmm. I’m guessing we should not be surprised if we see a HtD film in the near future.

Is AGENTS OF SHIELD Better The 2nd Time Around?

by  on OCTOBER 7, 2014
Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 00
When Agents of SHIELD premiered last year, there were a ton of expectations by the fans of what to expect. Many were looking forward to it very much. As it stood, whenever Agent Coulson showed up in an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie, a ton of cool, talented bravado showed up and filled the scene perfectly. Agent Coulson showed up in ThorCaptain AmericaIron Man…  and his mellow and commanding presence was something to enjoy.
So when it was announced that Agents of SHIELD was coming to ABC, there was much anticipation as to what the viewing audience was going to see.
But there was a problem that became evident after the second and third episodes.  The show had to pace itself out and kill time and filler episodes while they built up a story that culminated with events in the second Captain America movie. And this time killing practice turned into a horrible experience for the viewers and the show.
They seemed to use different writers per episode who were following a cookie cutter template for their stories and it was very hard for the viewers to want to keep up with the show.
Yet for those of us who did, the payout in the last third of the TV season was fantastic. After Captain America The Winter Soldier screened, events from that movie spilled out into stories in AoS and things got good. Events started to take shape that impacted the characters and it was fun. The tie-in to Cap 2 was nice and we suddenly had a show to watch instead of some serialized cookie-cutter stories. We had a show connected to the MCU and stories were becoming more magical and enticing.
And this continued on into season two of Agents of SHIELD, as the now fragmented SHIELD agency is having a heck of a time pulling itself back together, not knowing who to trust, and not being trusted themselves.
In other words, their job just became tougher.
And with Agent Coulson now being director of what is left with SHIELD, the team dynamic is starting to change and I’m not sure I like it or not. That’s not a bad thing. Good character writing should elicit like and dislikes amongst fans.
After the first few episodes I am not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but we’re starting to see what I am calling the “forced quips of Marvel.”  In other words, characters are spouting potentially funny quips, but are doing so often enough that the impact of the subtle humor is getting lost in the distraction of these quips seemingly needing to happen once or twice between every commercial break.
It used to be, for example, that when Coulson showed up in an MCU movie, his quips of subtle humor were minimal and amazingly effective. Funny without being humorous.  But effective and to the point.
Not it feels like every time he’s on-scree he has to mutter some cute quip.
Not only is that annoying, it is distracting and it is worrisome that the production team is returning to the canned story outlines mode they had in the first half of season one.
Honesty folks, (in the production team), stop. It looks like the show is being written around these quips that HAVE to happen rather than letting it flow.
I hope the show continues on its strong rebound from the debacle that wasAoS last season. And so far, it does seem to be retaining its momentum. I just hope the quip-a-minute routine fades from view. Keep the drama, add the rare quip, and move on folks.
I will give u up-dates on movie channels,movies and give u need to watch list,in summary you can say i am your movie therapist .Some of these channels are;


 Shows love movies ,teen drama, emotional i.e tragedy ,horror ,in summary abc is all about family .brings family together.


Syfy is wow!! think about all the science fiction movies u  can imagine .this is your bus stop when it comes to science fiction
movies like;

check this out;
  1. Syfy Channel TV News: Ratings And New Scripted Series
  2. Syfy Channel Announces 7 New Scripted Shows – But Not Sure About Them
  3. ABC 2013-2014 Fall TV Season Lineup
  4. Fox 2013-2014 Fall TV Season Lineup

§   being human childhood's end 
§   clandestine 
§   darkfall 
§   dave howe 
§   eyes of the dragon 
§   helix 
§   hugh moon 
§  infinity 
§   mark stern 
§   no place  opposite worlds 
§   orion 
§   ringworld
§   shelter 
§   silver shields 
§  sojourn 

NEW YORK – April 10, 2013 – Syfy today announced three new exciting reality series all currently in production. Joe Rogan Questions EverythingCosworld and Fandemonium will join the channel’s lineup of other popular unscripted series, such as Face Off andGhost Hunters, when they premiere this summer.
Joe Rogan Questions Everything (working title) – Premieres Tuesday, July 16 at 9PM (ET/PT) — Life-long unexplained paranormal mystery-addict Joe Rogan ventures into unknown worlds and untapped territories to search for answers to life’s most startling theories. Having explored these questions for years on his podcast, Joe now takes his journey to the next level, traveling the country and knocking on any door necessary to find the truth. In his own unique and inquisitive style, Joe will stop at nothing to quench his curiosity for the unknown.
Cosworld (working title) – Premieres Tuesday, August  27 at 10PM (ET/PT) – Cosworld is a tantalizing six-episode docuseries that lifts the veil on the imaginative world of cosplay competition. The series follows some of the hottest cosplay stars as they make a splash at comic book conventions around the country. The show dives deep into their lives, following their process as they create extravagant and visually arresting costumes each week.
Fandemonium (working title)  Premieres Fall 2013  From the producer of Jersey Shore comes Fandemonium – a six-part docuseries that celebrates the incredibly unique, often misunderstood, and infinitely fascinating fan girl and fan boy culture. Living together in an LA apartment complex, a tight-knit group of pop culture-obsessed fans continue to find their place in the world and flourish, thanks to their passions and personalities.
NEW YORK – April 10, 2013 – Marking a major addition to its primetime scripted lineup, Syfy today announced that Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, Ray), through his Foxxhole Productions, will executive produce, write and direct a yet to be titled five-episode horror anthology series for October 2013. Universal Cable Productions will produce the series.
In the vein of television classics like Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone, this contemporary half-hour series tells creepy morality tales with themes such as envy, jealousy and superficiality. The show will debut duringSyfy’s annual 31 Days of Halloween programming marathon this October.
Troy Miller (Flight of the Conchords, Brand X) will serve as executive producer through his production company Dakota Pictures. Writers on the project include Mike Ferris (Terminator: Salvation) and John Pogue (Army Wives, Everwood) . Writer Jeff Stilson, Jaime King and Julie Yorn will also serve as executive producers

NEW YORK – April 10, 2013 – Syfy and Chiller President Dave Howe today unleashed the imagination of the advertising community by announcing an original programming slate featuring Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (Ray, Django Unchained) executive producing, writing and directing a horror anthology series, a trio of new reality series – Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Cosworld and Fandemonium – and 19 scripted and reality development projects, including The Jim Henson Creature Shopa creature competition program.
Howe further announced a groundbreaking strategy of major quarterly multiscreen events showcasing new high concept programs, includingRingworld, a miniseries based on Larry Niven’s classic novel; Helix, an epic thriller from Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore; the scripted seriesDominion (working title) from Sons of Anarchy writer Vaun Wilmott;Opposite Worlds, a real life Hunger Games-type competition, andUnbreakable, an unscripted program testing contestants through mental and physical extremes.
Bolstering its powerhouse scripted programming lineup, Syfy announced that the five-episode series from Jamie Foxx will join Defiance, Warehouse 13, Being Human, Haven and the upcoming Helix from Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica). Syfy will also begin production on the pilot of High Moon, from Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies), based on John Christopher’s best-selling novel The Lotus Cave.
New original scripted development projects – including 8 from Universal Cable Productions — will include No Place from Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future), Clandestine from Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) andSojourn from Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity).  These will expand the existing development slate highlighted by Proof, produced by M. Night Shyamalan (After Earth), the British cult favorite Blake’s 7, directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), and Dominion from Defiance director Scott Stewart and writer Vaun Wilmott (Sons of Anarchy).From MGM Television and Universal Cable Productions (UCP), Syfy announced that it is developing miniseries based on Larry Niven’s award-winning novelRingworld, as well as Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End, from executive producer Michael DeLuca (The Social Network) and UCP.
Previously, Syfy announced it is developing Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle from Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, writer/executive producer Frank Spotnitz, Headline Pictures and FremantleMedia International; Stephen King’s Eyes of the Dragon, from UCP and Ostar Productions, and Darkfall, from UCP and Jim Henson Productions, as long form productions.
Building on Syfy’s hit reality programming like Face Off and Ghost Hunters, new unscripted series will range from Fandemonium, a dizzying ride into the fan girl and fan boy cultures, Cosworldwhich follows the country’s hottest cosworld players, and Joe Rogan Questions Everything, an investigative series hosted by Joe Rogan (Fear Factor).
Among the unscripted shows in development is a paranormal project with Meat Loaf; The Jim Henson Creature Shopa creature competition program from Jim Henson Studios; Unbreakable, based on The Death Race, an extreme endurance race held annually in Vermont, along with current reality pilots such as Opposite Worlds, in which twenty people live in two distinctly different worlds – the Past and the Future.
Syfy further announced that upcoming second screen initiatives will be included in Helix, where viewers can use Syfy Sync to gain real-time access to the research lab depicted in the series through a two screen experience called “Access Granted”; for Unbreakable, viewers will be able to Skype with contestants via a Facebook App to predict who’ll win each week’s challenges; Google Plus Hangout Chats with the cast of Fandemonium; the Cosworldcast vlogging to share fantasy secrets with fans, and viewers will have the ability to select alternate endings for Jamie Foxx’s horror anthology series.

NEW SCRIPTED SERIESUntitled Jamie Foxx Project (five episodes) – Premieres October — Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx will executive produce, write and direct this half-hour, horror anthology — in the vein of Tales from the Crypt/The Twilight Zone – which tells creepy morality tales addressing themes such as envy, jealousy and superficiality. Troy Miller (Flight of the Conchords, Brand X) will serve as executive producer through his production company Dakota Pictures. Writers on the project include Foxx, Mike Ferris (Terminator: Salvation) and John Pogue (Army Wives, Everwood). Writer Jeff Stilson, Jaime King and Julie Yorn will also serve as executive producers. Studio: Universal Cable Productions.
Helix — A team of scientists investigate a possible disease outbreak in an Arctic research facility and find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation. Co-executive producer & writer: Cameron Porsandeh. Executive producers: Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Steven Maeda (Lost, CSI: Miami), Lynda Obst (Contact). Production company: Lynda Obst Pictures & Tall Ship Productions. Studio: Sony Pictures Television.

High Moon — High Moon is an imaginative, out-of-this-world series exploring what happens when the countries of Earth establish colonies to mine the Moon’s resources and discover a new form of life.  Chaos erupts in a genuinely emotional, humorously thrilling and always unexpected fashion as the people of the Moon race to uncover this life form’s powerful secrets. Co-executive producer/writer: Jim Danger Gray (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal). Executive producer/writer: Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies). The pilot is written by Gray from a story by Fuller and Gray. Executive producers: Cary Granat & Steve Granat of Reel FX and Don Murphy & Susan Montford of Angry Films (Real Steel, Transformers). Studio: UCP.

Ringworld — In Ringworld, based on the Hugo Award-winning novel by Larry Niven, a hastily-assembled team of explorers travels to the farthest reaches of space to investigate a mind-blowing alien artifact called Ringworld – an artificial habitat the size of one million Earths.  As they crash land on this enormous structure, they discover the remnants of ancient civilizations, technology beyond their wildest dreams, mysteries that shed light on the very origins of man and, most importantly, a possible salvation for a doomed Earth. Adapted by writer Michael Perry (The River, Paranormal Activity 2),Ringworld is being developed as a four-hour mini-series Syfy event. The project is a co-production of MGM Television and Universal Cable Productions (UCP), with MGM as the lead studio. Executive producers are William S. Todman and Edward Milstein.
Childhood’s End – Based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel, the story follows a peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival ends all war and turns the planet into a near-utopia. Childhood’s End will be executive produced by Michael DeLuca (The Social Network) with Universal Cable Productions serving as the studio.

No Place — The residents of a high-tech gated community arise one day to find themselves cut off from the rest of reality. Outside the walls of Paradise Hill is…nothing. Now the neighborhood must figure out how to survive as resources dwindle and tensions rise. Writers: John Brancato & Mike Ferris (Terminator Salvation, The Game). Executive producers: Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Brancato and Ferris. Circle of Confusion will also produce the project with David Alpert (The Walking Dead) and Rick Jacobs as executive producers. Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri serve as executive producers for Top Cow. Studio: Fox Television Studios.
Dominion (working title) – In this series (formerly called Legion), 20 years after evil angels descended from heaven to lay waste to the human souls they felt God had favored over them, a reluctant “savior” must arise to protect Vega, the last remaining stronghold of humanity. The savior has more to fear than just angels, as the elites of this new society conspire to gain power for themselves.  Writer/CO-EP: Vaun Wilmott (Sons of Anarchy). Director/EP: Scott Stewart (Defiance). EP: David Lancaster. Studio: Sony Pictures Television. Based on the feature film “Legion’” produced by Bold Films.
Orion –In this space opera Orion, an adventurous female relic hunter, tracks down valuable artifacts while trying to piece together her past.  Set amidst an intergalactic war pitting humans against a terrifying alien race, Orion must decide whether to use her abilities to save herself or commit to the cause and unearth long hidden artifacts that could free all of humanity from a horrible fate. Executive producers/writers: Ron Milbauer & Terri Hughes Burton (Alphas). Co-executive producers: George Krstic & Ryuhei Kitamura. Supervising producer: F.J. Desanto. Studio: UCP.
Sojourn — The first detective ever in space is tasked with investigating a murder on a starship — headed to colonize another planet – and instead becomes embroiled in a vast conspiracy involving a mysterious terrible crime dating back to the original launch of the ship 50 years ago. Writer: Phil Levens (Smallville). Producer: Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity). Studio: Lionsgate.
Clandestine – After a clan of bandits are nearly destroyed and left for dead by Coalition forces, they take refuge in the nearest safe haven, a derelict Coalition starship floating in space.  Once onboard, they masquerade as Coalition officers while continuing their criminal ways – until they stumble upon a shocking realization about the true nature of the Coalition. Writers: Todd Stashwick & Dennis Calero. Executive producers: Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) and John Shiban (Hell on Wheels). Studio: UCP.
Infinity – When an alien armada is sighted in the region of Pluto, the Earth government turns to a young billionaire industrialist — who has the only ship ready for interstellar travel — to greet the aliens and avoid a catastrophe.  Powered by secret alien technology discovered on Earth in the 1960’s, the ship engages in a firefight that sends them spinning through a wormhole into an uncharted region of space.  Lost in the universe, the team struggles to survive as they encounter new planets and alien species, searching for a way back home. Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost). Producer: Berman/Braun Television. Studio: Universal Television.
Silver Shields – When his father is slain by assassins connected to the government of the large nearby city of Pont Royal, farm boy Caymer journeys there to continue his father’s legacy as a member of the local police force — and to solve the mystery of his father’s death.  He discovers that his simple country view on life is at odds with the big city, filled with orcs and other magical creatures. Executive producer/writer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Alphas). Producer: Aaron Kaplan. Studio: UCP.
Shelter – A massive meteorite is headed toward Earth, forcing 30,000 hand-picked humans to live underground in a government funded shelter in order to start a new society.  What begins as a Utopia quickly succumbs to the old human faults and jealousies as certain members of society create alliances to gain favor and power.  Meanwhile things on the surface are not what they seem. Humans slowly realize that this event may have been fated and the survivors meant for a greater purpose in rebooting life on Earth. Executive producer/writer: Bruce Joel Rubin (Deep Impact) and co-executive producer/writer Ari Rubin. Studio: UCP.
Untitled Alfonso Moreno Project —  After a meteorite strikes a plane, the only two survivors find themselves sleepwalking and waking up with no memory of their actions. On the run from the government, they must figure out what happened to them and prove their innocence. Executive producers: Alfonso Moreno (NCIS) & Ross Fineman (Lights Out). Studio: Fox Television Studios.

Eyes Of The Dragon – Based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel. A kingdom is in turmoil as the old king dies and his successor must battle for the throne. Pitted against an evil wizard and a would-be rival, Prince Peter makes a daring escape and rallies the forces of good to fight for what is rightfully his.  Writers: Michael Taylor (Defiance, Battlestar Galactica) and Jeff Vintar (I, Robot). Executive producers: Michael Taylor and Bill Haber. A production of Universal Cable Productions and Ostar Productions.

Darkfall – When, without warning, modern forms of power and technology become a thing of the past, Los Angeles, and the world at large, becomes a place where magic rules and life as we know it is turned upside down. Writers: Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris (Kung Fu Panda, Sleeper Cell).  A production of The Jim Henson Company and Universal Cable Productions.

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New Series
ü "Back in the Game,"
ü  "Betrayal,"
ü "The Goldbergs,"
ü "Killer Women,"
ü  "Lucky 7,"
ü "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,"
ü "Mind Games," "Mixology,"
ü  "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,"
ü "Resurrection,"
ü "Super Fun Night,"
ü "Trophy Wife" and                                                       New Alternative Series
ü "The Quest" Join the Lineup

"America's Funniest Home Videos,"
ü  "The Bachelor,"
ü  "Castle,"
ü  "Dancing with the Stars,"
ü "Grey's Anatomy,"
ü  "Last Man Standing,"
ü  "The Middle,"
ü  "Modern Family,"
ü "Nashville,"
ü "The Neighbors,"
ü  "Once Upon a Time,"
ü  "Revenge,"
ü "Scandal,"
ü  "Shark Tank,"
ü "Suburgatory,"

ü  "The Taste" and "20/20" Will Return to the Schedule

ABC Picks Up Special, "Toy Story of Terror," from Pixar,
Based on the Hit Film and Starring the Original Cast


New Series "Back in the Game," "Betrayal," "The Goldbergs," "Killer Women," "Lucky 7," "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Mind Games," "Mixology," "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," "Resurrection," "Super Fun Night," "Trophy Wife" and New Alternative Series "The Quest" Join the Lineup

"America's Funniest Home Videos," "The Bachelor," "Castle," "Dancing with the Stars," "Grey's Anatomy," "Last Man Standing," "The Middle," "Modern Family," "Nashville," "The Neighbors," "Once Upon a Time," "Revenge," "Scandal," "Shark Tank," "Suburgatory," "The Taste" and "20/20" Will Return to the Schedule
ABC Picks Up Special, "Toy Story of Terror," from Pixar, Based on the Hit Film and Starring the Original Cast
Continuing to deliver some of the most compelling and heartfelt series on television, ABC is adding fourteen new shows to its established slate of programming. Paul Lee, President, ABC Entertainment Group, will unveil the network's new lineup to the advertising and media communities this afternoon at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.
"We are taking some big swings with groundbreaking shows this season, and staying close to our roots with smart and sophisticated storytelling. ABC is known for its combination of innovation and stability, and our new schedule reflects that. We're bringing back the shows that viewers have embraced and enhancing the lineup with a slate of exciting new series," said Lee.
New series for the 2013-14 season are "Back in the Game," "Betrayal," "The Goldbergs," "Killer Women," "Lucky 7," "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Mind Games," "Mixology," "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," "Resurrection," "Super Fun Night," "Trophy Wife" and new alternative series "The Quest."
"America's Funniest Home Videos," "The Bachelor," "Castle," "Dancing with the Stars," "Grey's Anatomy," "Last Man Standing," "The Middle," "Modern Family," "Nashville," "The Neighbors," "Once Upon a Time," "Revenge," "Scandal," "Shark Tank," "Suburgatory," "The Taste" and "20/20" will return.
"Dancing with the Stars" will now air from 8:00-10:00 p.m., on Mondays, integrating the performance show and results show into one night and making each episode action-packed event television.
ABC has also picked up Pixar special "Toy Story of Terror," starring the original voice cast from the hit film.
A balanced slate of new series and returning hits delivered strong results for ABC in the 2012-13 season. ABC claims 6 of the Top 20 broadcast dramas for the season in Adults 18-49, with "Grey's Anatomy," "Once Upon a Time," "Revenge," "Scandal," "Castle" and "Nashville." ABC is the No. 1 network on Friday nights this season in Adults 18-49, growing 13% to deliver its top rating on the night in 4 years- since the 2008/09 season.
Photos of the new pilots are available to download at